Brylân’s website

Does it work? Does life work? Fill out this French form. It’s important.

Or not.

Ahem. Seriously though, hello! I am Morgân von Brylân. I am a web and software developer and this is my lil’ personal website I made with my lil’ hands. Here you will find about everything I have made during my incredible and formidable and extraordinary life. I assure you, I am very interresting. And humble.

Something doesn’t work? Tell me. Quicker than that.

But what do you do, in concrete terms?

I like many kinds of music, roleplay, strategy and management games, and I write and draw when I feel like it.

Curriculum vitae

I make websites and desktop software (for Windows and GNU/Linux), and Discord bots. I have a technology degree DUT in IT and several years of experience, but mostly learned with practice, online tutorials and by reading documentations.

Detail in technical mumbo jumbo

I can:

  • Make the front-end of a website in HTML5, CSS3 and JS (ES6), with Bootstrap, jQuery and FontAwesome;
  • Make the back-end of the website in (OO) PHP5 or 7 and MySQL;
  • Implement an HTTP API (REST or not);
  • Create a Discord bot on Node.JS (with Discord.js);
  • Create desktop software in C++ with Qt;
  • I also have a bit of experience in embedded C (STM32, Arduino).