Brylân’s website

Does it work? Does life work? Fill out this French form. It’s important.

Or not.

Ahem. Seriously though, hello! I am Morgân von Brylân. I am a web and software developer and this is my lil’ personal website I made with my lil’ hands. Here you will find about everything I have made during my incredible and formidable and extraordinary life. I assure you, I am very interresting. And humble.

Something doesn’t work? Tell me. Quicker than that.

But what do you do, really?

I like many kinds of music, roleplay, strategy and management games, and I write and draw when I feel like it.

Curriculum vitae

I make websites and desktop software (for Windows and GNU/Linux), and Discord bots. I have a technology degree DUT in IT and several years of experience, but mostly learned with practice, online tutorials and by reading documentations.

Detail in technical mumbo jumbo

I can:

  • Make the front-end of a website in HTML5, CSS3 and JS (ES12), with Bootstrap and FontAwesome;
  • Make the back-end of the website in (OO) PHP5 or 7 and MySQL;
  • Implement an HTTP API (REST or not);
  • Create a Discord bot on Node.JS (with Discord.js);
  • Create desktop software in C++ with Qt;
  • I also have a bit of experience in embedded C (STM32, Arduino).

Steam News

I made a nice Discord bot, it's called Steam News and it's rather useful. You can check it out on to learn more about it. If you agree to say it's nice and rather useful, I accept donations via Liberapay.

If this says 0, know that I am sad. A bit.